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Related post: Date: Sun, 30 Oct 2005 17:10:19 -0800 ls bbs blog (PST) From: Bob Archman Subject: Queens Row 3Queens Row 3By Bald Hairy Man.This is an adult virgin shock bbs gay story for adult gay men. I this offends you, DON'T read it. This is a fantasy, not a sex manual. cp pre bbs Play safely.By the time Bill and Bruno went home my head was spinning. The sex had been great, better than anything I had experienced before. I wasn't exactly a virgin and it was a shock to discover adolescent nudes bbs what I had missed. I thought your sex life was supposed to diminish after age 50. Mine was improving.Bill called me two days later. He had the same feelings. "I thought I had a xxx pics nubiles bbs good sex life," Bill said. "It was good, but not as intense as with you and Bruno. I had a good marriage, but it was so different.""I'm not exactly bbs free naked a virgin, but I had the same feeling," I pedo shock bbs said. 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I know you don't mind group play.""I've never done anything like this hacked porn passwords bbs before," I replied. porn children bbs "These are friends of yours?""Yes, really nice guys too," Bruno explained. "It's for fun. Several guys are partnered. It gives you some playtime without cheating. I japanese bbs gallery guess you could say everyone in the group likes sex and admits it. It's an nude child model bbs outlet."I thought and decided bbs girl boy pictures to give it a try and told Bruno."Great," he exclaimed. Hesitating, he continued. "Do you think Bill might be interested?""I have no idea, give him a call," I said. "It might be a stretch for him. But he sure liked our get- together last week.""Would you ask him for me?" Bruno asked.I smiled. "To tell asia bbs incest you the truth, I think you might be the better one to ask him," I said. "He likes you." Bruno blushed, then he smiled."You think so?""That's what I think." I replied. Later that day Bill called me. He was interested. On Saturday he came over to my house and had a drink before we went to the party."I feel like a seventeen-year-old girl on the pregnant porn bbs way to the prom," he said. "Excited, but scared too.""I feel that way too," I agreed. "It's odd my cock's still making choices for me even though I'm quote, mature, unquote."Bill laughed. "I'm teenage bbs not sure I can relax and let it all hang out," he mused. "I've been reserved all my life, sexually that is. I'm certainly vocal enough in my opinions, but that's not been the way bbs fetish gallery I approached sex. I'm not sure letting go and really enjoying sex is possible. I've always held back.""Well, you'll know a lot more in an hour or so," I bbs teen guestbook said. We walked around the block to Bruno's. He took us next door. A red haired bearded man named Chuck greeted us. Chuck was the nurse who took care of Bruno bbs teeny after the accident. He was wearing a robe and directed us to an upstairs bedroom. "The party's in the back," he said.The house was a standard, turn of the century town house on the exterior. Inside it had kidsporn bbs been pissing bbs totally renovated into a high style modern look. The entrance hall floor was polished marble; the stair was stainless steel and glass. I was shocked. We went up stairs and stripped in a bedroom furnished picture bbs pantyhose in stuffed animal heads and animal pelts. Buddy was there stripping. He was friendly and seemed to take an interest in Bill. Bill was flattered. He had been uneasy, but he flet comfortable with Buddy. We went downstairs to the kitchen and found a cluster of men.Bill looked around the room and said, "So many cocks, so top 100 bbs nude little time." The room burst into laughter."Hey guys, this is Denny and Bill. They're new to the group, so introduce yourselves and be gentle!" Bruno said. There was more models 13 yo bbs laughter. Bruno took Bill and introduced him to the men. Buddy took me in tow. There were no beauty contestant winners in the room. Most were older, bigger men and most were hairy.Chuck was thin and wiry, but was covered in a thick pelt of copper red hair. He had a long, thin cock and low hanging balls. He was talking with a heavy set man named Mel. Mel was built like a gorilla, he was just as hairy as Chuck, but it was black hair, some of which was turning grey. He had a shaved head and a massive beard. The pron password bbs beard concealed a cleft pallet. Mel had a speech impediment. His big cock head was wrapped in a thick foreskin."Damn you're rompl lo bbs pretty," Mel said bbs little kids as he looked me over. "Most guys here look like the missing link.""Mel, some times youth beach forum bbs you lack sophistication," Chuck said in a good-humored way. "You should try the subtle approach sometime."Mel looked puzzled, then he bent over and sucked my cock. He liked cock and knew how to suck."He's the shy type too," Buddy said."Shy, bbs ped nude but friendly," I replied. Mel stood up, then bent over and began to suck bbs pedo little Chuck."He likes everyone," Chuck said in explanation. I perfect cuties bbs looked over toward Bill. Bruno bbs nudist girl had his arm around him as they talked with a tall, blond man and a smaller guy. Bruno shifted his position and I saw animal sex bbs all the men were well on the way to being erect.The doorbell rang and Chuck went to answer it, throwing on his robe as he went. Mel transferred his attentions to Buddy. The blond man with Bill came over to us and introduced himself. "Denny, I'm Roger. Mel here is my mate. I see he's making you feel welcome," he said."Is alfa sex bbs he always this friendly?" I asked."I'm afraid so," Roger said. "If he becomes a pest, just tell him to buzz off. He's use to little teenies bbs it." The room was candle lit, so jap bbs the light was dim. I at first thought Roger was smooth, but close up he was as hairy as Mel. japan bbs Since his hair was pale blond, you could hardly see it against his kiddy underground bbs skin.Chuck returned with two men. It was a Mutt and Jeff pair. I had never seen the big man before, but the smaller man was Timmy, one of my younger florists. Timmy was barely five feet high, and 110 pounds. He didn't recognize me right away. It was dark."Timmy, Ron, glad you could make it," Buddy exclaimed. "I thought you were going to be kiddy pedo bbs out of town.""The trip fell through," Ron said. "I couldn't let you have bbs free models a party without bringing Richmond's best bottom.""I don't like the bottom that much!" Timmy protested unconvincingly. He turned his head and saw me. "Mr. pedo darkcollection bbs Paul what are you doing here?""I guess I'm here for the same thing you are," I said. "If you don't mind, I don't either.""Boy, you're hung," Timmy said. Timmy was scrawny, but he had an impressive organ. It teens bbs ranchi 11 was japanese girls bbs the only part of the small man that was impressive. Ron, his friend, was just the opposite. He was a fine specimen of a man, but his equipment looked average. He was a body builder, buffed form head to toe. Ron was completely shaved except for a small tuft of hair at his pubic region.They formed an odd couple, but they were clearly partners. Timmy went off to talk with Buddy while Ron young dark collection bbs stayed with us.Ron got close to me and whispered, "I hope having Timmy here doesn't bother you?" he asked. "He loves his job and I'd hate for anything ls land bbs magazine to mess it up.""Don't worry. That's not a problem. As long as what happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas," I said."Don't worry litle illegal bbs sex about that," Ron said. "Timmy seems like a mindless air head, but he's very discrete. I'm a cop and there's forum gallery bbs toplist never been a problem. He's very careful. We sexy bbs kids like these parties. They've been a life saver for non nude teens bbs our relationship.""How's that?" I asked.Ron got even closer to me and dropped his voice still further. "Timmy and I have a great relationship, but Timmy's a bit of a size queen nudism ru bbs and loves a big one up his ass," Ron explained. "I guess you could say these parties are a safety valve. It keeps him from wandering off the reservation.""You don't get offended?" I asked."He's a good boy and it's good to watch him enjoying himself," Ron said, "Timmy's the energizer Bunny when it comes to sex. He's always ready, always willing, always enthusiastic. We've been together for five years and we've never missed a night. A little variety isn't going to be a problem." Ron reached down and fondled my balls. After Mel's sucking, I was still half hard. "Nice," he remarked. "Timmy's good and tight. He loves being filled up. illegal gay bbs You may need a shoehorn granny bbs to get it in, but it will be worth nude boys bbs it.""For me?" I asked.Ron laughed. "For both of you." Ron went off. I chatted with and Mel. Mel was a construction bbs boys photos worker. He wasn't educated sandra mod bbs at all, but was friendly and had a dry sense of humor. With his speech impediment he tended to be an observer. He boys galleries bbs saw things I hadn't noticed and was a good judge of character.After we chatted for a while I fre asian bbs noticed we were alone in the kitchen. "Where has everyone gone?" I asked."It's a little innocent little youngsex bbs more comfortable upstairs," Mel said. "It's time to adjourn to the bedrooms.""I've got first dibs on you!" Mel said looking directly at me. "If it's okay with you?" I nodded and went upstairs with him.Bill was sitting in a chair with Bruno and Roger standing on baby rompl bbs tgp each side. Roger was stroking his chest and bbs post virgin tits. Chuck was on the floor sucking. With Bruno and Roger's meat at mouth level on each side, Bill could suck either cock as he turned his head. Chuck little sisters bbs got up and replaced Roger who took his place milking Bill's hentia bbs organ. Everyone was hard and happy.In a dressing area to the side there was a freegallery bbs jpg sling. Timmy was strapped in it and Buddy was easing his cock into Tommy's ass. boylove bbs Ron was at the side giving advice to Buddy. I didn't think Buddy needed the advice but all three men seemed happy. girl modles bbs Timmy moaned with every movement of Buddy's cock and this provided an almost musical accompaniment to the evening.Mel and I went over and watched. I'm no virgin, but I'd never watched two men fucking before in real life. I'd seen my share of porn movies, but Buddy and Timmy were a new experience for me. I have to admit it was exciting. 13 bbs toplist Timmy was so small and Buddy's cock was so large. Timmy loved it and was so responsive, it was hard to not get caught up in the magic lollita bbs moment. When you're naked, there's no way to hide the excitement."I'm getting too close, can someone spell me until I cool down," Buddy said. He looked around and saw my erection. My cock did the thinking for me. Ron coated my cock with lubricant, Buddy pulled bbs free listing sex out and I stepped up to the plate."Denny, I've warmed him up for you," Buddy said. "He's ripe and ready."Timmy's ass was at the perfect height. "Just bbs amateur shove it in," Ron advised. I took my time. Timmy had a hairy ass, with swirls of hair on the cheeks. In the middle of the hair was a delicate pink bbs fc2 liam pucker. When my cock head touched it, Timmy shivered. I pulled away. The hole twitched. When I pushed forward again, Timmy 18ban bbs jp porn tried to open his ass. I forum bbs sandra could see the xxx paradise bbs forum pucker pushing out. It opened for my cock.Timmy's hole welcomed my cock into his ass. I had experienced men who wanted to try my cock, but this was the first time nude tiny bbs I was welcomed. In my experience the cock is only sex organ. Timmy's ass was clearly a sex organ. It quivered, twitched and reacted svens place free bbs as my cock slipped deep into his body. He loved every inch.Ron was watching child rape pics bbs it all, looking like a pleased parent. "Denny has a good one, doesn't he?" bbs teen site Ron said. He provided a running commentary both encouraging Timmy and giving me advice as to how to ring Timmy's chimes. Timmy's ass possessed a full set of bells and whistles. I never felt more appreciated.I got close and pulled young ukrainian bbs out. Chuck was bbs young models kids next in line. I went to the bathroom and showered. Mel joined me. I didn't know exactly what he wanted. When we got on a bed, we worked it out. He liked to suck and eventually I got to suck him. He possessed a fire plug type organ, as wide as it was bbs forum finder long. If cubage counted, he kids rompl guestbook bbs was big. It was hard to get the entire cock head into my mouth. His balls were as big. The shaft wasn't long, but fat. He had a wide slit, almost a half inch wide and his balls were regular cum factories.I got my into his shaft and coaxed out the juice. His head was a lush, tender fruit and I was sucking it dry. There was no way he could run dry. Precum oozed in a rompl sven bbs constant flow. It was rape video bbs odd to be with this gorilla of a man, sucking his ball juice elwebbs top vagina from his cock, but I was really excited. The flow turned into a flood and I swallowed his cum."Damn, that was good," he moaned. I continued to milk him until he models bbs nude was almost dry. Surprisingly I was happy just relaxing and licking up the remains of his orgasm. It was peaseful and quiet."Do you like to fuck?" he whispered. "I don't latino nude bbs bottom much, bbs portals but I'd love to have your cock in me. bbs models pedo It was beautiful when you fucked Timmy.""You want to be fucked?" I asked. "You don't need to do it for bbs kiki board me. I can get my rocks off with someone else." As we lay there talking, Bill and Chuck came in asian bbs kds the room."Is there room bbs teen nude on the bed for two more?" Bill asked."We're looking for a place to get comfortable," Chuck said. "Bill wants to take a trip to the wild side.""Join us, I was trying to talk Denny into doing the same to me," Mel said. He looked at Bill. "Is your ass virgin?""For the bbs russian boys next few minutes," Bill replied. "I don't know what's got into me, but I want to try it."
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